There are no good ideas without a spark of creative energy! That's why I thrive to help everyone, from creative professionals to complete beginners, reconnect with their creative selves and stay inspired through a series of engaging and fun illustration classes.

Photo of a smiling Amandine wearing her handmade pompom scarf, surrounted by pink and red graphics reading "Knitting Basics with Amandine Thomas"
Digital illustration of a pobblebonk frog in a puddle, in bright, warm colours.
A children's book cover featuring animals showing different emotions
An artist paints wattle on tracing paper with watercolor
Cover image for the Skillshare class From Heart to Page
Colourful cover image for the Skillshare class The Busy Creative
Illustrated map for the Skillshare class mapping Life
Colourful cover image for Find your Creative Style, a Skillshare class
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