Commercial Illustration

With over 10 years’ experience as an illustrator, I create bespoke, original and impactful commercial illustrations, for branding, packaging, campaigns, programs, and more.

Digital illustration of a pobblebonk frog in a puddle, in bright, warm colours.

Public art project displayed in Melbourne CBD in October 2023

Line drawing of the MBE mountain range

A series of illustrations created for Small Giants Academy's Mastery of Business & Empathy program throughout 2022.

Watercolour illustration of the Regen Melbourne building

Watercolour illustrations created for Regen Melbourne in early 2022.

Activity book for Kids as Castalysts program

Art direction, logo design and illustrations for award-winning program Kids as Catalysts by Kids Thrive, a Melbourne-based not-for profit.

Illustrated characters dancing

Illustration for No Lights No Lycra, an Australian community of dancers created to facilitate personal expression and freedom of movement, 2017.

Watercolour illustration of a cabin retreat

Commercial illustration for Elsewhere, a US-based creative retreat set in simple cabins, close to nature, 2018.

Kids' book open on an illustration of overfishing

Children’s book created as part of an international awareness campaign around sustainable fishing, led by the MSC and ASC in 2019-2020.

Illustrated map of Bordeaux

Modern art prints for French collective Dame Jeanne, based in Bordeaux, 2019-2010.

Packaging for Femna body oil

Graphic design, product packaging design and illustrations for Femna Health.

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