Kids as Catalysts

Art direction, logo design and illustrations for award-winning program Kids as Catalysts by Kids Thrive, a Melbourne-based not-for profit.

Kids leading creative change

Kids as Catalysts is a radical, innovative, child-led social change program that engages upper primary school students to discover and connect with their personal values to then conceive, design and implement real-life social change projects that benefit their local communities. It is delivered by Kids Thrive, a Melbourne-based not-for-profit.

What I did

I came on board as Kids Thrive was preparing to bring their program from the classroom to screens, and was tasked with the redesign of all print material for the students, including worksheets, activity books, and iconography, as well as a new logo design for the program.

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I started by refining the vision for the look and feel of the program, creating moodboards, developing a clear storytelling strategy, and identifying an underlying concept to guide the design: kids should not be passive recipients of the information, but engage and interact deeply with the content. The design should give them the opportunity to make the program their own.

Art direction for Kids as catalysts worksheets


From this first conceptualisation phase came the design of the print assets, and the roll-out of a strong, cohesive visual identity. With illustrations, handwritten elements, and a playful and interactive layout, the teaching material gives kids the space to be creative, express themselves and their ideas, while allowing them to feel empowered and take the lead.

Logo design

Following the redesign of the print material, I was tasked with the design of a new logo for Kids as Catalysts. 

The concept, full of liveliness, suggests the same unstoppable creative energy demonstrated through the program, while conveying a sense of bubbling positivity.


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