From Melbourne to the rest of the world, I use illustration, art direction and graphic design to make a positive impact, where it matters.

I specialise in children’s books, commercial and editorial illustration, branding, and graphic design, using my skills and experience to tell the stories that, ultimately, help create the world we want to live in.

Whether it is writing books that seek to inspire and empower children, collaborating with not-for-profits to raise awareness through international campaigns, or helping value-driven businesses make the world a better place, take a look at my latest projects.
Watercolour illustration of a waterhole in Senegal
Printed program for Down Under film festival 2019
Conversation starter cards from The School of Life
Activity book for Kids as Castalysts program
Illustrated characters dancing
Watercolour illustration of a cabin retreat
Kids' book open on an illustration of overfishing
Illustrated map of Bordeaux
Bravery magazine, Eugenie Clark issue
Kids' book open on an illustration of the Congo rainforest
Colourful kids' book about saving the oceans
Printed booklet for Impact Safari


Do you need help telling your story?

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