Les Aventuriers du Jardin

Children’s book published by Éditions Sarbacane in April 2023, 23 x 32 cm, 32 pages.

The Garden's Adventurers

In this unconventional non-fiction book, a trio of children, no bigger than a ladybug, embark on a fantastic adventure to discover their grandfather's wonderful garden.

Ah, spending the holidays in Grandpa's garden! For Lucie, Timothée and their cousin Rose, there's no better place to go on an adventure, discover new mysteries... and gorge themselves on juicy fruit! After bombarding him with questions, their Grandpa gets angry: "You want to know what earthworms do? Go ask them directly!" He snaps his fingers and... POOF! the children are reduced to the size of the insects populating his garden...

With a front row seat to learn all the secrets of life and biodiversity of this ecosystem so close to us, the kids will learn from the earthworm, the butterfly, the bee, the blackbird, the snail, the ladybug - and even the spider. A great way to dispell many preconceived ideas about pests, weeds, and more!

Three bug sized-children chat with a blackbird in a strawberry patch.
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