Hello there,
I’m Amandine Thomas.

I am an award-winning illustrator and art director committed to using illustration and graphic design to champion sustainable, ethical and socially responsible projects.

My story

At age four, I announced to a bewildered family that I would become a children’s book illustrator, and grew up writing short stories that I illustrated and compiled in crooked, clumsily stapled booklets.

Fast forward to present-day, and not much has changed: I now use illustration, sustainable graphic design and art direction to share stories of positive change, whether it be about strengthening communities, protecting the planet, or improving wellbeing.

Through a playful and lively style, I explore the themes I am passionate about, such as our environment – and the many ways in which it can inspire and amaze us – or the connections we foster with others, with ourselves and with the world around us.
Amandine Thomas, illustrator and design


I believe graphic design, illustration and good stories can make a real difference in the world, for people, for communities, and for the planet. That’s why I am committed to supporting and promoting positive change in each of my projects.

With a strong focus on sustainability and empathy, I strive to use my skills in service of stories and ideas I genuinely believe in, working with value-driven, passionate changemakers from one side of the globe to the other.


Do you need help telling your story? Here is what I can do:

Editorial illustration

Children’s fiction and non-fiction books, editorial illustration.

Art direction

Logo, branding and visual identity, brand guidelines, bespoke publications, printing and production.

Commercial illustration

Original and impactful imagery for marketing, packaging, branding etc.



FREELANCE WORK / 2018 – current
Ongoing freelance work for various Australian and international clients.

DUMBO FEATHER / 2013 – 2017
Art Director for Dumbo Feather, a Melbourne-based magazine and publishing platform, as well as its in-house creative agency, Studio Dumbo Feather.

Creative all-rounder for Lydra Group, a Melbourne-based studio offering graphic design, laser-cutting and digital fabric printing services.


The Sea in me / June 2024
Children's book written by Cody Simpson and published by Penguin.

Les Émotions des Animaux / July 2023
Children's book written by Florence Pinaud and published by Nathan.

Les Aventuriers du Jardin / April 2023Children's book published by Sarbacane

L'incroyable intelligence des animaux / October 2021
Children's book written by Alexandrine Civard-Racinais and published by Belin Jeunesse.

Imagine ta Planète... en 2030 / September 2021
Children’s book published by Sarbacane.

Forêts et Comment les Préserver / May 2020
Children’s book published by Sarbacane.

Océans et Comment les Sauver / April 2019
Children’s book published by Sarbacane.

Le chat qui n’était à personne / October 2014
Children’s book published by Mango Jeunesse.

Belle’Ville / July 2014
Children’s book published by Mango Jeunesse.


Prix des Centres de Ressources Documentaires de la Faculté d'Éducation de l'Université de Montpellier (Océans et Comment les Sauver), 2024

Prix des jeunes lecteurs de la ville de Nanterre (Forêts et Comment les Préserver), 2021

Prix UNICEF de la Littérature Jeunesse (Océans et Comment les Sauver), 2020

Prix Le Goût des Sciences (Océans et Comment les Sauver), 2020

Prix jeunesse environnement (Océans et Comment les Sauver), 2019

Prix Jérôme Main for best first book (Le chat qui n'était à personne), 2014

Jury’s Favourite award at the Presse-Citron trophy 2008


A few of the wonderful people that have trusted me with their story so far:

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