Imagine ta planète… en 2030

Children’s book published by Éditions Sarbacane in August 2021, 23 x 32 cm, 40 pages.

Imagine your planet… in 2030

Imagine what our bedrooms, our houses, our cities, or our schools could look like… in 2030!

Through the pages of this book, little readers can project themselves into a bright future, 10 years down the track, where protecting the planet has become a priority, in our individual daily lives just like in society itself. What could we change, right now, to achieve this vision of a better future, for ourselves and for the Earth?

A hopeful and positive dive into the climate solutions that could help us get there.

Short-listed for the Prix de l'environnement 2022, in the youth category.

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A colorful illustration on the future of our oceans


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