Les Émotions des Animaux

Children’s book written by Florence Pinaud, published by Nathan in July 2023, 27.5 x 24cm, 56 pages.

Happy or Sad?

A dog getting jealous, penguins cheering each other up, a bat showing gratitude... Just like us, animals can have strong emotions, from mammals to birds and even fish!

Yes, animals can feel joy, fear, anger and sadness, but also shame, confidence and gratitude! A myriad of emotions, which explains many of their behaviours and relationships.

In this books written by Florence Pinaud, we explore 13 emotions, with examples from a variety of animals, fun facts based on science, and short comic strips illustrating real-life situations.

A book for children aged 7 and up to better understand animals!

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A double page spread featuring colourful illustration of animals showing anger


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