Glow Comic Trails

Public art project displayed in Melbourne CBD in October 2023

Wild Night

As part of the Dusk Till Dawn Activation Grant Program, Glow Comic Trail commissioned six artists to create a comic about Melbourne after dark. Each panel was enlarged and printed using a risograph, before being pasted-up across the CBD, creating a walking trail through which the public, with the help of a map, could follow the story, ending with a panel featuring a glow-in-the-dark element.

I chose to explore a night in the city through the eyes of its native wildlife: bats flying out at sunset, a ringtail possum climbing a tree in the moonlight, a peregrine falcon couple gazing at their nest at dawn… By following the trail from one panel to the other, Melbournians were able to (re)discover the amazing urban wildlife all around us, as well as its incredible resilience.

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