Small Giants Academy

A series of illustrations created for Small Giants Academy's Mastery of Business & Empathy program throughout 2022.

Leadership for a hopeful future

Small Giants Academy envisions a more just and inclusive global economy that supports human flourishing while living in harmony with the natural world. As a not-for-profit education initiative, Small Giants Academy inspires and equips people to become leaders in the Next Economy, where a business can be profitable while remaining purpose driven and ensuring value for all stakeholders, including the environment.  

I was tasked with creating various illustrated communication tools for Small Giants Academy's Mastery of Business & Empathy program. In response, I developed simple yet engaging infographics, such as maps, icons and modular illustrations to fit within Small Giants Academy's paired back aesthethic, while retaining a strong element of storytelling.

Illustrated map of Mossy Willow farm
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Line drawing infographics of the MBE mountain range


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