Regen Melbourne

Watercolour illustrations created for Regen Melbourne in early 2022.

Reimagining and remaking Melbourne, together.

Regen Melbourne is an alliance of organisations working together to create a safe, just and prosperous future for Melbourne. Formed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, their vision is of a city that can thrive within its ecological boundaries. They are a movement of hopeful and pragmatic idealists working together with compassion, kindness and an uncompromising passion for Melbourne.

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The Project

I came on board to translate Regen Melbourne's unique vision into a coherent series of playful yet meaningful illustrations, encompassing Regen's values and its goals for a regenerative Melbourne.

To represent the Regen's multifaceted nature, I created a main modular illustration, the Regen building, where each room embodies an aspect of the overall vision: a cafe where a diverse and collaborative community comes together, a library where stories are shared openly, a green house where projects are nurtured, or an observatory where research is conducted. The illustration offers an insight into Regen Melbourne as a whole, while also allowing the reader to zoom in and explore its vision more in details.

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