Challenge Yourself!

Fine art class published on Skillshare in June 2023.

3 Playful Ways to Boost Creativity

In creativity, there is no such thing as the destination: it’s all about the journey, right? That’s why, as artists, we are constantly evolving, learning, growing… and what better way to do so than with a little bit of a challenge?

Because there is nothing like a few constraints to spark new ideas, top teacher Amandine Thomas leads you through a series of playful, exploratory exercises that will challenge your approach to creativity. From using your favorite tools in unconventional ways, to high-jacking everyday objects to make art, get ready for a fun, fast-paced class that is sure to leave you inspired!

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to think outside the box and approach creativity with an open, curious mind.
  • How to experiment freely with mediums, tools, surfaces… and more!
  • How to use creative exploration to develop and strengthen your own personal style.

From beginners keen to start their journey with a bit of exploration, to pros wanting to keep evolving their style, this class is for anyone with an adventurous streak!

So grab your brushes, the contents of your kitchen’s drawers, your watercolor, or literally anything else, and let’s get started!

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