Knitting Basics: Make an Easy Pompom Scarf

Knitting class published on Skillshare in January 2024

Step into a world of possibilities!

Do you wish you could knit, but always end up helplessly tangled (that is, if you even manage to decipher the pattern in the first place)? Don’t worry, this beginners class makes knitting easy, from casting on to binding off!

Discover the basics of knitting and step into a world of possibilities with Amandine Thomas, whose childhood soundtrack was defined by the clicking of her mother’s needles.

In this easy, relaxed class, you will learn:

  • How to pick the right materials, from needle size to yarn weights;
  • How to decipher the lingo, until you can read “CO 60 sts” without batting an eyelid;
  • How to cast stitches, knit, purl, and much more;
  • How to knit a fun pompom scarf from start to finish!

Whether you’ve never touched a needle, or you vowed never to do it again after unraveling your work for the 10th time, this is the perfect class for anyone wanting to get comfortable with the basics of knitting.

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