From Heart to Page

Illustration class published on Skillshare in January 2023.

Interpret three emotions through illustration

Emotions are at the heart of human nature. You can’t tell a good story without a pinch of joy, a drop of fear, or a dash of sadness, right? So how can we harness that extraordinary potential into our illustrations?

In this class, follow award-winning illustrator Amandine Thomas as she guides you through the palette of emotions, that essential ingredient to any good story. From terror, to melancholy, to euphoria, dive deep into this powerful creative tool, and learn how to better use emotions in your illustrations.

Alongside Amandine, discover how to:

  • Harness the emotional power of colours;
  • Structure your images to provoke emotions;
  • Choose impactful visual metaphors to better tell a story;
  • Use emotion as a powerful connection tool, whether it be in children’s books, magazines, or commercial illustration.

With detailed but non-prescriptive demonstrations, and a clear and easy-to-follow method, you will have all the tools you need to complete your project, and create an original illustration that will capture the emotion of your choice, in your own style.

All you need to do to get started is to gather your favourite tools, whether it be your iPad, your gouache, or your watercolours. And don't worry, although drawing skills always come handy, the concepts covered in this class are accessible to everyone! Get started on Skillshare (and get a month free trial)!

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