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Sketching Skillshare class released in January 2021.

Sketching to Develop Your Aesthetic

Explore new techniques, play with tools and colours, and build your own illustration style through this fun, empowering sketching class!

Finding your own aesthetic can be tough: what techniques should you dedicate time to learn? What tools should you master? And where even to start?

It can quickly become overwhelming, especially as you get pulled this way and that by Instagram trends and Pinterest boards. So, how can you find that sweet spot, and develop a style that feels right for you?

In this this class, you will not only learn to use sketching as your very own, no-pressure creative playground, but also as a way to feed your illustration work with new techniques and discoveries.

To help you along the way, we will:

  • Put together your ideal sketching tool box
  • Follow a step-by-step, accessible approach to sketching, anywhere and anytime
  • Identify and/or strengthen your illustration style

Throughout the class, we will be delving into three short sketching scenarios, with tips and tricks to tap into your own, unique creative voice.

So, whether you are an aspiring artist keen to express yourself, or an experienced illustrator looking to refine your style, gather as many tools as you can, your sketchbook, and join me on Skillshare for this exploratory, empowering class!

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