Mapping Life

Illustrated map Skillshare class released in June 2021.

Draw an Illustrated Map of Your Own Journey

What if maps could not only chart the boundaries of our world, but also of our mind, our imagination, our emotions? In this class, get ready to explore your own journey, and tell your story through beautifully-illustrated maps!

We all feel a bit lost sometimes... that’s why borrowing the codes and symbols of cartography to find (or redefine) ourselves can be incredibly useful! But how do we get there?

Whether you are in need of re-assessing boundaries, keen to map-out your emotions on paper, or simply ready to celebrate your own journey, follow illustrator (and cartography nerd) Amandine Thomas as she shares, step by step, her method to:

  • Explore your inner-world through the lens of cartography;
  • use map-drawing as a powerful, introspective storytelling tool;
  • create a thoughtful, unique illustrated map, in your own style;
  • and learn some map-drawing techniques that will allow you to design any map, from scratch!

All you need is your favourite drawing tool (be it Procreate on your iPad, a box of coloured pencils, or your collection of calligraphy nibs), an eagerness to explore, and a dash of creativity! Take the class on Skillshare (and get a month free trial)!

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