Dumbo Feather Art Direction

Art direction and editorial design for Dumbo Feather, a Melbourne-based print magazine and publishing platform striving to make a difference in the world.

Passion, Purpose, Community

I started at Dumbo Feather in November 2013, joining a small but passionate team of creatives. The magazine’s motto, passion, purpose, community, immediately resonated with me, as well as the authentic, inspiring stories printed in its pages.

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What I did

As the art director, I worked on seventeen issues, from maintaining a consistent overall style and editorial design, to commissioning the photoshoots, curating the imagery, and overseeing the proofing and printing process.

As well as publishing a print magazine, Dumbo Feather produces a podcast, a website and an event series. I was responsible for the design of assets across all platforms, including editorial, marketing, digital and print collateral.

A few milestones

In August 2014, to celebrate 10 years of DumboFeather, I led a refresh of the magazine’s look and feel, creating clear brand guidelines across print, digital, sales and marketing assets, designing new templates for the magazine and associated collaterals, and developing clear process maps for the editorial, design, proofing and printing processes. This work ensured increased consistency across all platforms, conveying a strong and coherent identity throughout, and an efficient streamlining of the magazine’s recurrent assets.

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In 2015, I took the lead of Studio Dumbo Feather, the magazine’s own storytelling agency, with passion, purpose and community at its heart. See more here.

In 2016, Dumbo Feather launched a series of podcasts, for which I created logos, branding, and associated print and digital assets across a number of platforms.

In 2017, the entire team worked closely with Studio Brave to create DumboFeather’s new website, incorporating digital content, events, podcasts, and an online shop. I was responsible for leading the vision for the redesign, creating detailed moodboards for the overall style, individual pages, and functionality. I was involved throughout the entire process, reviewing the design and making sure and that the website reflected Dumbo Feather’s brand and philosophy.


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